Our Story

Roth conversions…?! We get it from an advisors standpoint.

There are a lot of industry paradigms and opinions, but finding the truth takes a whole lot of effort. And even after the effort is expended, there are quite a few moving pieces to evaluate in order to determine the optimal strategy for a client.

We’ve invested many years in understanding the nuances and developing marketing, operational and technical systems and software to resolve the mystery of ‘should I or shouldn’t I convert’.

So far, we’ve not had a client’s CPA or financial advisor disagree with our ‘accelerated Roth conversion’ philosophy – once they’ve seen the work product.

We’ve designed and helped implement Roth conversion strategies for clients that indicate in excess of $400 million of future tax avoidance. Calculated, double-checked and built with very modest assumptions.

Now we’d like to do the heavy lifting for our CPA and RIA partnerships.

*We do not sell financial products of any kind.
*We do not manage client portfolios either.

We offer a simple fee-only consulting service to take the detailed work off the shoulders of the advisor.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you look like even more of a superstar to your client and increase your revenue opportunities significantly, please reach out to see if your firm is a good fit.