Our Story

Q3 Advisors, LLC was founded by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with over 30 years of operating an RIA as an independent adviser. After utilizing traditional marketing channels for over 20 years, he recognized there was not a time and operationally efficient means to connect to one of the largest ignored prospect or client assets. Years of significant investment and platform development resulted in a technology, an efficient means to that missing piece, of a well-rounded approach to client acquisition and retention. Participants from radio, public workshops, and editorial were able to become clients by moving from undecided prospects into new client status, the footprint with existing clients was expanded, 2nd generation relationships assets became part of the puzzle and low-risk referral generation became the norm.

10X growth was the result growing from $12M AUM to over $125M AUM in just 6 years before successfully selling the firm……….. Garnering an additional 18% valuation multiple due to this technology and the pipeline of assets being monitored.

Having proven first-hand the success of this platform, our purpose has expanded. It is still to provide clients the valuable customized guidance they want and need, but without keeping the efficient ability to do so to ourselves. We want to assist advisers in growing their businesses, helping turn prospects into clients and creating a pipeline of new relationships…..just like we did.

Our Team