CPAs and Advisors

CPA and RIA Partnership

We want to assist CPAs and RIAs to grow their businesses, solidifying existing client relationships and helping turn prospects into clients just like we have done ourselves. 

Q3 Advisors, LLC was founded by Craig Wear, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with over 36 years of operating an independent RIA. 

After being challenged by a prospective client about the paradigms of Roth conversion over fifteen years ago, Craig recognized a serious lack in the financial industry. 

Many years later, and with the development of proprietary software and marketing tools, Q3 now helps hundreds of Americans each year by developing optimized Roth conversion game plans. Craig wrote an Amazon bestseller in 2019 about this subject and has a follow up book schedule to print in 2022.

The average client of Q3 sees tax avoidance of over $2 million, Medicare premium savings in excess of $80,000 and frequently, a higher ending after tax net worth. To date, our clients have a collective estimated tax avoidance of over $400 million.

Every day of the week our CFP® team disproves the following paradigms offered to and by financial professionals:

  •  False belief – Roth conversions should never take place above your current tax bracket
  •  False belief – You’ll be in a lower tax bracket later, so you should not convert today
  •  False belief – If you are in a high tax bracket, you should not do Roth conversions
  •  False belief – You should not do Roth conversions if the tax payments have to be distributed from your IRA
  •  And there are many more.

Having proven first-hand the success of this platform, our purpose has expanded to assist CPAs and Advisors by offering a team-based referral system.

Since we do not sell financial products or manage portfolios, our desire is to help other professionals provide a higher level of support and direction to their clients and prospects.

Below is a brief video to explain the common misconceptions around Roth conversions and how we work with CPAs and other Advisors. Click the image to learn more.

CPAs leading clients to a more secure retirement through Roth conversions...without the heavy lifting.